Municipal Governance Presentation

IMG_3692Nov 4, 2015, Windsor, NS,  Hosted  at the Windsor Legion, this week the residents of West Hants and Windsor were the beneficiaries of a presentation outlining the details of making changes to Municipal Governance currently in place.

Coordinated by West Hants Councilors Jennifer Daniels and Paul Morton, the presentation was provided by Rob Front, a local resident but in his official capacity as the local representative from the provincial department of Municipal affairs.

The presentation provided gave an excellent overview of the details involved, along with history of previous changes in municipal governance that have already occurred in Nova Scotia, the timelines that can be expected, costs and roles of the various parties.

We were fortunate to capture the majority of the presentation on video and provide it here as a source of reference for residents that might not have had the opportunity to attend last Wed night.

If you prefer to watch the video on youtube, a playlist has been set-up at this link: Playlist for Mun Governance