Avon Community Farmers’ Market & Craft Fair is a Hit

Avon Community Farmers Market and Craft Fair
Stan Kotchanoff, Mike Paris and Phil Scott, Windsor Hockey Heritage Society

For the second year since beginning, the Avon Farmers Market Craft Fair was a big draw for locals and visitors from away. Vendors participating in the event were also from the immediate area as well as those who travelled to attend. 

Organizers were very pleased with the day which began as they greeted early shoppers who were beginning to line up before the doors opened at 10 am. The constant flow of foot traffic continued throughout the day with several sellers nearly running out of stock and supplies as the day wound down. 

For more details on the Avon Community Farmers Market and Craft Fair visit them at https://www.facebook.com/AvonCommunityFarmersMarket/ or their website at:  http://avoncommunitymarket.weebly.com

Zak Miller with Sarah McInnis Waterfront Concert Series 2018

The WBES (Downtown Merchants) waterfront concert series got off to a musical start with its first performance of the summer featuring Zakary Miller with Sarah McInnis.

The duo performed a variety of original pieces with Zak Miller on guitar and gazoo with Sarah McInnis providing fiddle accompaniment.

We were fortunate to capture a couple of their tunes and with permission are pleased to share one of them here,  “Far From Home” by Zakary Miller.

Avon Community Market – July 8th

The Avon Community Market opened on June 2nd of this year to a cool spring day. The patrons and vendors however were not put off by the weather and one-month-in, the market has firmly entrenched itself as a mainstay of the local community.

The vendors have grown and so too has the market’s following. Vendors include, Wayfarers Ale, Schoolhouse Brewery, Tan Coffee, Nippers Fish and Chip wagon, a fresh seafood seller, Lillies of the Valley Floral shop and so many more.  

The market is held weekly on Sunday’s from 10 am to 2 pm. 


Avon View Avalanche 10-0 Victory over Yarmouth Vikings

Boys high school hockey league action saw Avon View Avalanche shut out the Yarmouth Vikings with a decisive 10-0 victory Saturday night.

The shutout for the night was picked up by goalie Ryan Jillett. Avon View’s offense picked up five goals in the first period, one in the second and then added 4 in the third for its 10 goal victory.

Avalanche goal scorers included Will Caines, Hayden Burgess, Quinten Rafuse and Zack Eldridge with one goal each. Two goals each are attributed to Liam Parker (2), Jacob Caldwell (2), and Ethan Salesman (2).